Saturday, March 5, 2011

3.5.11 Backyard Progress

Meet our new fire pit! We're anticipating lots of nights sitting around the fire eating smores and chitchatting with friends. You're all invited!!

There are a couple cut outs in the far end of the patio so that we can add plant life to the backyard. The white pipes are for drainage.

Down the middle of the patio we have a drain so that there aren't a bunch of little round holes all over the place.

Our contractor, Dana, made a bunch of stepping stones.

He also put in a slab of concrete on the far side of the yard so that we can eventually put in a shed.

Here's a shot going down the other side of the house. It slopes nicely to the front yard.

In the two far corners of the patio, there are rocks that were secured in place with concrete. They look kind of cool, but I'm worried that someone's going to hurt themselves on it.

Annnnd an eagle eye view of the fire pit from my bedroom window.

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