Thursday, March 3, 2011

the jill room

Say hello to the Jill room. I'm kind of obsessed with the comforter I picked up at none other than Anthropologie Goodwill for ten bucks!! We went to the USC/Oregon football game a few months ago and were killing time while waiting for Domino's to make our pizza and I spotted this baby in the corner. I remember seeing it at Anthropologie a while ago and died a little when I saw it at a thrift store!!! The poor thing had just gotten donated and was waiting for me to take it home!

We brought her out of the Goodwill and our friends looked at us like we had seven heads. Like, really... WTF are you doing buying bedding while we're on our way to a football game!? I'm not gonna pass up a good deal like that!! Took her home, got her dry cleaned and now she looks better than ever in the Jill room.

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