Monday, February 28, 2011

did that really just happen?

We learned a very good lesson yesterday about .... not really sure what we learned a lesson about, but that will probably come to me later.

Eddie has been pilfering the rocks from the protected habitat behind our house for the last couple of weekends. He's adding them to our back and front yards for decoration. We're talking about moving them about 300 yards total.

This morning, he takes the wheel barrow to grab some larger boulders and comes home with 7 or 8 about the size of soccer balls. Between trips to the back, the neighbor on the corner is watching him like a hawk, so he asks, "Is there a problem?" and the neighbor replies, "No, not at all."

Fast forward a couple of hours...

Eddie sees my vegetative state as I'm watching the Accenture Match Play on TV and suggests we go for a walk. I agree, go upstairs, change and come down to the living room. Out the back window, I see a San Diego County Sheriff driving down the service road and tell Eddie.

We go outside and there's another Sheriff outside of the neighbor's house on the corner. We head left out of our house on our walk and the Sheriff asks us if we know who has been stealing rocks. Really?! Um, yeah. Us... I guess.

After a brief forced lecture from the Sheriff about stealing and how you shouldn't do it, he tells Eddie that he needs to return the rocks and he will watch to make sure he does it. Dude, our neighbor wasn't even home. What a freaking coward. So I'm chatting with the Sheriff and he can't even believe that the neighbor called them out and that he doesn't blame us for taking rocks... he knows how expensive they are at Home Depot!! But, alas, he has a job to do.... to protect and serve and stop people from stealing rocks.


Anyways, we just went on a nice walk around the neighborhood and through the walking trails that lead down to the manmade lake in the middle of the neighborhood. It was really nice to see that there were kids running around and riding their bikes and skateboards all over the place. I used to do that when I was a kid and it tells me that our neighborhood is a safe place for the kiddos. One of the kids even asked to borrow a friend's cell phone so he could call his dad and check in. Precious!!

Best part of the day (besides Eddie almost getting arrested for stealing rocks) was this little guy!! I hope he doesn't get eaten!! I wanted to take him home, but Confessions: Animal Hoarding already did their piece on me and my fish tank.

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  1. haha too funny!!!! I can only imagine your face :) miss you!