Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Light Filled Foyer

Right before we closed escrow on the house, I bought a 9 foot Christmas tree at Walmart and all of the decor at Target. Hey, it was the day after Christmas and it was all 50% off! This is where we will put it, but for now, it needs to be made useful.

Marshalls supplied the pretty rug and HomeGoods is where we got the rustic dark wood side table. The table was on sale for $80 down from $100 since the top wasn't glued on. A little wood glue and voila! We then purchased two comfy chairs to place in the foyer.
I love the way the light fills this room. We don't even have to turn on any lights in the house until the sun starts to set over the hills to the west of us. Its awesome for our electricity bill... but they make up for that with our water bill. Apparently, its so difficult to get water to the hundreds of homes in our subdivision, that they must charge us $120 in service fees. LAME.
Anyways, I want it to be Christmas already so I can put up our Christmas tree.... would February be too early?

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